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Negligent Hospital Care

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With over 25 years in practice, Jim Henrien knows what it takes to make a malpractice case stick. He feels these cases extend beyond the victim and their family and affect all patients. Physicians, surgeons, nurses, hospitals, nursing homes and HMOs alike need to be held responsible for the care they provide their clients. When a medical professional fails to make every effort to provide adequate care for one patient, they frequently are doing the same to others. Jim Henrien seeks to hold these people and organizations accountable for the services they provide.

As a top New York medical malpractice attorney, Jim Henrien stays educated not only in law, but in medicine as well. He knows the jargon that doctors and hospitals use and is able to help decipher it for his clients. When a doctor does something negligent or reckless, Jim Henrien is able to recognize the problem, even when many patients cannot. He welcomes calls regarding all types of malpractice cases and will only take cases that have immediate merit.

When you need a New York medical malpractice attorney that cares, look no further than Jim Henrien. He works hard not only for your rights, but also for the rights of every person under medical care.

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